About us

Laine Guesthouse lobby

Located in Pärnu, the Laine Guesthouse is only a 15 minute walk from the biggest and most beautiful beach in Estonia. Located next to the guesthouse, in a quiet residential neighbourhood, are a Comarket supermarket and the Koduköök Café. Nearby is the Pärnu Sports Hall, a Maxima XXX supermarket, the Kaubamajakas Shopping Centre, and the Suurejõe Selver.

The guesthouse has 48 beds: single and double rooms, a family room, and spacious Studio and Comfort rooms. If necessary, additional beds can also be added to the rooms. The rooms have their own toilet and washroom, there is Wi-Fi in the building, and it is also possible to enjoy a:

  • sauna
  • hair dresser
  • facial treatments
  • manicure and pedicure