Why to visit Pärnu?

When visiting Pärnu, you can enjoy:

  • Estonia’s biggest and most beautiful beach
  • The best surfing conditions in Scandinavia
  • Historic Old Town
  • Well preserved resort culture
  • Green parks and promenades
  • An excellent network of cycle tracks
  • Wonderful cultural and concert experiences
  • Unique summer cafes
  • Sailing opportunities
  • Pleasure boating on the sea and the river

With its long traditions, the resort town of Pärnu is loved for its beaches and recognised internationally as a holiday resort. Pärnu is the city where the Republic of Estonia was born, and it is also a green city. One-fifth of Pärnu’s total area is covered with green areas, parks, avenues and kitchen gardens. Walks and spending time in the fresh greenery of Pärnu have
been part of a proper resort holiday for centuries. One of the more pleasant places for a walk is the 600 metre long coastal meadow trail with its own viewing platform, which begins at the end of the beachfront promenade. A bicycle also offers an ideal way to explore Pärnu, as there are more than 70 kilometres of high-quality cycle and pedestrian track in the city.
One can ride near the sea as well as on the shore path along the Pärnu River.

Representative concert and theatre life, various international festivals, museums and esteemed handicrafts make Pärnu a remarkable city of culture. Pärnu has always offered an extensive selection of music festivals, from opera music to accordion and harmonica music. If you happen to find yourself in Pärnu during the summer, then you should know that,
regardless of the day and time, there is an opportunity at the Kuursaal (Resort Hall) to sit next to the sculpture of Estonian composer Raimond Valgre and listen to his music.

Pärnu’s mild climate is warmer than the climate in other regions of Estonia. Women have had their own beach area in Pärnu for nearly 100 years. At the Ladies Beach, women may sunbathe without a bathing suit. Each summer, a blue flag – the internationally recognised eco-label – is raised at Pärnu Beach, indicating that the bathing area or small-craft harbour
are being managed in an environmentally friendly manner, while also being clean and safe. In 1995, Pärnu was declared Estonia’s summer capital. Over the span of a quarter century, the proud and resounding title has become a synonym, alias and trademark for the city of Pärnu.

According to the legend of the Mole of Pärnu, young lovers must to walk to the end of the mole and seal their love with a kiss. Doing so is supposed to bring the lovers eternal love.

Pärnu’s restaurants are known for their excellent quality. Pärnu’s best restaurants are among the recommended places to eat in the White Guide; in addition to a la carte restaurants, Pärnu is also home to many cafes and pubs. Restaurants and cafes are primarily located in the city centre and near the beach. At several restaurants you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and dine at sunset. The various cuisines represented in Pärnu
include Armenian, American, Italian, Georgian and Turkish. The White Guide has put together a list of the best restaurants in Pärnu. The list includes the Rannahotell Restaurant, which the White Guide Nordic names the best place to eat in Pärnu, in addition to the restaurants Raimond, Hea Maa, Mahedik, Villa Wesseti, and Mon Ami, the Pastoraat Cafe, the Wasa Resort, and Cafe Supelsaksad.

The Port of Pärnu is one of the biggest yacht marinas in Estonia. Out of the 140 available berths, 34 are reserved for visiting yachts. Under the initiative of the Yacht Club, several major international sailing regattas are held in Pärnu Bay. Various musical events, concert evenings and memory games have become a tradition. In the courtyard there is a toy ship for children to play on, along with a sculpture of Estonia’s most famous sailor, Kihnu Jõnn.
The Pärnu Yacht Club’s restaurant enjoys views of the river, where you can spend time with your friends and enjoy good wines and delicious food. During the summer, restaurants hold various outdoor music concerts and blues and salon evenings. Music is played by various DJs.

Sunset in Pärnu beach

In 2018, Lonely Planet selected Pärnu as one of the Top 10 lesser known beach cities worth visiting in the world.

In 2019, Pärnu was selected as Estonia’s best health and well-being tourism destination, within the framework of the European Union Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) competition.

As an international UNICEF member, Pärnu has been awarded the title of Child and Youth-Friendly City.